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CUSTOMER CASES / Vårdapoteket

Helping Vårdapoteket Build a More Effective Pharmacy Network With Franchise Software

Vårdapoteket was founded in 2010 as part of the Swedish Government sell-off of its former pharmacy monopoly.The operation consists nearly 30 outpatient dispensing pharmacies concentrated in central and southern Sweden. At its inception, Vårdapoteket had annual sales of over 1900
MSEK (280 MUSD) with a headcount of 330.


By implementing CCM by Chainformation, Vårdapoteket were able to provide its pharmacists with a high powered Intranet that functions main delivery vehicle for know-how, business data and content for the daily operations including:

  • Faster, role-based communication
  • Brand and Identity Guidelines
  • Marketing Design Templates and Execution tools
  • Daily Sales Reporting via cell phone


According to Tobias Ekros, Sales and Assortment Director at Vårdapoteket, “Managing a multi-store pharmacy network which deals with products that are often life critical, and customers/patients that have a condition emphasizes the need for communicating quickly and effectively. With limited resources to develop our own solution, we determined quickly that we needed to implement an intelligent software platform that facilitated our day-to-day communications in in real time. CCM by Chainformation was ready out of the box at an affordable rate. More specifically, it was perfectly suited for a chain like ours.”





Type of business: Retail pharmacies 

Number of units: 30


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