Digital handbook

Digital handbook

Create, edit and share content with smart features

Sharing information with your coworkers is done quick and easy with Chainformation. In no time you create an handbook page, or a page with any other information in it, set with intuitive rights and thus share it only to colleagues affected by the information. Recipients can rest assured that what they can access is relevant to their role, saving time not having to sift through irrelevant information.

Create, share and read information from a smartphone, tablet, or computer, anywhere in the world. Of course, there are no requirements for other programs, apps or plugins to share or read the online pages.

It’s easy to manage text, images, files, links and videos in the pages. In addition to that, you can embed external content such as a calendar, a graph, or why not a survey form. With intelligent tags, content can quickly be sorted and grouped by multiple variables making it super easy to search and find.

Version handling

All pages created in the system has a change log, allowing all changes to be saved, tracked and restored. Version handling is completely automated in the background and new versions are created as soon as a page is updated, no manual handling required.


In addition, all pages are tracked by the statistical function giving administrators access to comprehensive reports on who has read, or even more important – who has not read important updates, manuals, marketing news or other operating information.

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