File and media library

A file and media library for all of your digital material

An integrated file library makes it possible toupload and share all types of files, media, programs and images. As soon as a new file is uploaded or updated, the system automatically generates a news post in the news feed for the users concerned and no one stands the risk of missing any updates.

Quickly upload material with “drag-and-drop”. Of course you can also upload multiple files in one swoop.  If a file needs updating or replacing, it is quick and easy to replace and all links and references will remain intact.

Find the right file at the right time

Dynamic tags can be added to all types of files so that they are easy to group and find. The same file can be found in several ways depending on what you and your coworkers are looking for. For example, a marketing budget in Excel can be found regardless of whether you’re looking for the tag “budget” or “marketing”.

The library also searches through and indexes all text in uploaded file types like PDF, Excel, Word and Powerpoint.
This means that a user will find these documents if one or more keywords are found in the content. You do not need to create a lot of manual keywords, it is automatically taken care of.

The right files to the right recipient

Like all content in the Chainformation platform, uploaded files are given unique sharing rights to ensure access only for the intended recipients. Promotional material reaches store managers in time for campaigns, budget documents only reach the finance department and the fun photos from your latest staff event reaches everyone in the chain.

Sharing rights in the system can also be set to allow your employees to separately upload and share files locally on their store or restaurant, or in a Cluster of multiple stores or restaurants.

It’s also possible to create user profiles for external users, so that they are given access to upload and download files, without ever getting access to the other parts of the platform.

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