Role and area based access

Flexible and targeted access levels

Chainformation offers highly flexible capabilities to control access to information and features based on user’s various permission levels. Access privileges are easily created based on employees’ different roles and job functions.

Information can be shared to specific roles on selected units or on all units in a particular country or business area. Of course, you can also share information at person-to-person level, easily reaching selected key people. This smart access level structure ensures that the individual employee only needs to relate to information relevant to their work – neither more nor less. It’s both simple and safe.

In the platform, it is also possible to create internal substructures where employees can be allowed to communicate within their unit or within a cluster of units (e.g multi franchisee), while regional managers or employees at headquarters are allowed to share information to their own region or to the entire chain.

All access levels and user rights are managed with built-in tools with simple settings. They can be completely customized according to what your business structure looks like now and also fit as it evolves over time.

Information sharing and functionality access can be set with a multi-level matrix:
  • Role / function
  • Geography / area
  • Business area / subsidiaries
  • Local unit (e.g. store or restaurant)
  • Cluster (combination of units)
  • Individual user
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