Social network

A social network to support cooperation throughout the chain

Social interaction online becomes increasingly important, especially at workplaces. But how do you satisfy your employees’ social needs without losing all transparency and control?

In Chainformation, users easily recognize the interface from other social platforms, and without any training they will quickly share posts and photos, comments, likes, and tag each other.

As the system owner you decide to what degree employees can create and share posts. Content shared in the system can not “accidentially” be shared ouside your organisation.

You can allow social communication to be open throughout the network, allow users to communicate only with peers in their own store or restaurant, or completely remove the feature for selected user groups. It is also possible to create a cluster of units where, for example, all stores or restaurants with the same owner are allowed to interact with each other.

We also guarantee that you have full ownership of all information and that there will be no “prying” eyes and other enteties having access.

Automatic news in the social feed

Important updates and news shared in the platform automatically generate posts in employees’ own feed, so users are automatically alerted. They can quickly access the content and leave comments and questions that are directly notified to the content owner.

For topic-specific discussions there is also the forum feature, where all or a selection of employees can address problems or issues, discuss and propose solutions. Please read more about forums here.

Manage cross-chain communications on your terms, top down, across, with all or just selected individuals – you set the rules.

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