True and long term benefits, top six list

With specialized solutions for

A smart investment for long-term growth

When you use a common hub for internal communications, know-how sharing and operational support, you empower franchisees to take ownership of the business and brand.
The top six reasons why franchisors think cloud based intranet communications have revolutionized the way they can support and interact with franchisees.
Fact-based decision making

Eliminate the but I heard…-situation that leads to missinformation. Instead, co-workers have access to relevant, correct and updated information. The result? Reduced operational errors. Find resources that back-up decision-making. Empower franchisees and co-workers to take ownership for compliance.

Increase in perceived service levels

Resources that live in the cloud are always available, on every device. This means you need less resources at HQ to deal with routine and repetitive support issues. When people easily can find answers themselves 24/7, it brings a visible increase in perceived service levels with franchisees.

Faster time-to-cashflow for new outlets

New franchises enjoy a faster time-to-cashflow when opening new outlets and introducing new staff to training procedures. Operational materials, checklists and best-practices now live in the internal communication hub with smart tags, just waiting to be found.

80% Less internal spam

Clean inboxes are a beautiful thing. With Chainformation’s intranet, users experience up to an 80% reduction of internal spam e-mail. Goodbye irrelevant “send to all” emails that flood your inbox, hello to relevant peer-to-peer communications and role based social feeds.

Manuals & documentation in sync

Imagine that your franchise’s operations manual lives on-line and managers have the ability to quickly update any topic at page level even when they’re in the field. When this powerful functionality is paired with mandatory read tracking, franchisors can keep their documentation in sync with a fast-moving business environment and franchisees can keep themselves in sync with common operational standard and quality levels.

We took “IT” out of the equation

Skip the IT guy – with a good communication hub you don’t need a middleman with knowledge of system development, server maintenance, software upgrades, databases etc. A competent and powerful “fire-and-forget” system, automatic updates and maintenance are just a few of many perks of living in the cloud.

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