Fast Track

Fast Track

Chainformation Fast Track Program

A program aiming to assist and support your implementation of the new Franchise Intranet to your organization. It is designed to minimize the need for internal rescourses, both staff and budget wise. With the Fast Track program, you will be up and running in a couple of weeks. We take care of all the boring stuff with system settings, testing and putting it all together – you keep on doing what you do best, run your business.


Fast Track level 1

Cost, one time fee:                    € 550

Program start:                           Upon order/agreement

Program duration:                     6 weeks

Program objective:                   Ensure the customer has a ready-to-launch Basic Intranet

  • Program includes:                    Complete system set-up and activation
  • Functionality tests
  • Customized branding with Logo and signature Brand Color
  • Set up of User Access Levels based on Customer Organization
  • Set up of HQ and Super Admin accounts
  • Import and Set up of Units and User accounts (by excel template)
  • Creation of 2 content page templates
  • Creation of 10 basic content Tags
  • 2 x 1,5 h pre-launch on-line support and training sessions for HQ Admins
  • 2 x 45 min post-launch follow up on-line meeting

Required rescources:                1 contact person from Customer HQ available by e-mail and telephone

Contact person is available for Support and training sessions (3h total)

Customer puts together and supply an excel file with Units and Users according to Chainformation file template.

Customer secures that there are rescources and time dedicated to work with the system and oversee internal guidelines during and after Fast Track Program.



Fast Track level 2

Cost, one time fee:                    € 900

Program duration:                     8-10 weeks

Program objective:                    Ensure the customer has a reday-to-launch Basic Intranet with a comlete set-up for content structure, Tags and Key words and post-launch support.

Program includes all
from Level 1 +

  • 3h face-to-face workshop to discover and identify customer needs for system structure, content and file structure
  • Work out the complete set of content and search Tags
  • Work out and plan a roll out and User on-boarding program
  • Import and conversion of 1 (one) Operations or other manual/handbook. (original has to be in Word .doc files and according to Chainformation format)



Not included in any delivery or set-up of Chainformation Franchise Intranet or Fast Track Programs.

  1. Any customization or changing of core functions or code
  2. Any integration with other systems, services or data scources.
  3. Any customization of User Manuals, written or video





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