Premium package

Premium package

A fully integrated platform for compliance, support and communication

With the premium package, you’ll receive a platform for compliance, support and communication, including 16 hours of bespoke support to shape the platform to suit your needs. We’ll help you to set up the perfect platform structure, layout, and access level settings for your chain.

Included in the premium package:

Onboarding with 16 hours of support

* Onboarding means that we help you to get your chain started with the Chainformation platform. We also provide education and general startup support. Since 2001, Chainformation has delivered and implemented more installations for chains and franchises than any other supplier in Scandinavia.

In the premium package, we set up a customized platform for your chain with your logo, background image and signature color. Together, we configure the platform to suit your needs. No technical knowledge is required.

You’ll have full access to our library of help videos and, when you need further assistance, the package also includes 16 hours of online meeting and remote desktop support. We can go through your setup via screen sharing to find the optimal structure for your specific operation.

All basic modules

The premium package includes all of our basic modules and features such as user account management, an intelligent access level system, a social network, the possibility to create and share digital handbooks and online pages, an integrated file and media library, integrated activity logging and smart activity reports. Click here to learn more about the features that are included.


The premium package includes the digital checklists add-on module, which is designed to ensure that critical operating routines are implemented, checked and monitored. We’ll help you to build your first five customer checklists, each of which can include up to 20 checkpoints.

Fully responsive

The entire platform is fully responsive, meaning that it seamlessly adapts to any device and screen size. You can access it from smartphones, tablets and desktops with no need for apps, plugins or other installations. A browser is all you need.


15 GB storage is included, but extra storage can be added on as needed. To learn more, please see our see our pricing details.


One language is included as standard and more languages can be added as needed. Please see our pricing details to find out more.

Page template

The premium package includes three ready-to-use template and allows you to create an endless number of them to suit your needs.

Roles and access rights

We’ll help you to define and create the roles, access rights and other settings you need to make the most of the platform. You can create an unlimited number of roles, users, business units (sites), and business areas, as well as sub areas and business unit clusters.

Import users and units

We’ll help you to import your first users and business units (with up to two imports). You just have to fit them into our Excel template.


You’ll be given 20 standard tags to use on pages, files and other media. These tags can be changed and customized to suit your own specific needs. We’ll also help you to adapt these standard tags or to create your own, and you’ll have the ability to create as many tags as needed. There’s simply no limit.

Platform layout

The premium package includes the standard setup of a start page with a social feed and built-in templates and widgets. It also includes layout setup for handbook pages and file and media pages, to display the latest news or other page-related information. All layouts and settings can be altered to your needs.


With our premium package, you’ll receive three ready-to-use sample selections in the statistics and logging module, as well as five unique and completely customized pre-set sample selections. You can create an endless number of sample selections, save pre-set sample selections and even create and print reports.


We offer free support for system administrators on your headquarter.

Pre-launch assistance

With the premium package, we’ll help you to prepare to launch the platform to its users, including by uploading files and populating the platform. We can deliver completely customized end user manuals (in English) or screen recorded videos, depending upon which suits.
End user manuals can also be delivered in other languages, but at an additional cost.

Want to see how it works?

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