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Search & Find

Your intranet keeps your company’s priceless collective knowledge, but if the content’s unfindable and inaccessible, it offers no value to anyone.

The real-time search function deliver lightning fast results as you type, delivering exactly what you need within seconds; handbooks, pages, documents, templates, people, images etc etc.

It even searches content/text in uploaded files like Word, Excel, PDF, PPT so results are right at your fingertips wherever you are, whenever you’re looking from whatever device.

Search results are fully permissioned, so you only see the content you’re supposed to see according to your role and function, no more, no less. 

Statistics & insight
Social & Forum

The destination for updates, conversation and collaboration.

Share a quick story, offer congrats, or give important updates. The main newsfeed connects people to each other and to key information.

It’s an informal digital hub for the conversations that matter to your company. No matter what information is uploaded or updated, it’ll all show up in each Users personal feed, no need to click around looking for updates. Comments and likes as required today to get engagement and gauge interest.

Need a separate forum or group for a specific topic or team? No problem, it’ll take less than 1 min to set up and share a new permission based forum group.


Sub 3

More than just text

Embed links, images, and attachments into your updates. Get them directly from your computer, tablet, mobile or pick from already shared files in Media Library. Shoot a live picture or video with your mobile. Set sharing rights to control access.


Shine the spotlight on a job well done by mentioning someone in a post or reply, and they’ll get a personal notification.

Make sense of it all

Replies remain in-line with original posts, so the whole conversation stays together in one easy-to-find place – just the way you are used to.


Role based access
Role based access
File sharing
Operations Manual & Handbooks
Operations Manual & Handbooks
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